Our Services

Dr. Hagens specializes in esthetic, implant and reconstructive dentistry used to correct and enhance esthetic and functional deficiencies. Our practice is committed to consistently providing the highest standard of quality dental care and esthetic results that meet and exceed our patients expectations and enhance their lives. We provide leading edge dental treatment in a comfortable and technologically-advanced office environment. Our team of highly-trained and friendly professionals is dedicated to technical excellence, continuing education, close collaboration with other dental specialists and 5 Star patient service.

Recent research indicates that your smile is the first thing that others notice about your overall appearance. Your smile instantly portrays your personality and self-image. Beautiful smiles have several things in common:

  • Straight teeth
  • No gaps or missing teeth
  • No chips, worn or broken teeth
  • White teeth without stains or discoloration
  • Little gums visible when smiling
  • Tooth shape and proportions consistent with smile lines

Dr. Hagens has assembled a world-class team of specialists including oral surgeons, periodontists, orthodontists and dental technicians to work together closely in delivering the optimal esthetic and functional solution. Dr. Hagens believes in the philosophy Beginning with the End in Mind and therefore focuses great attention on treatment planning. The Doctor believes that the patient is also a key member of the team and she will communicate closely with the patient to clearly understand his or her expectations. A recommended course of treatment will be presented as well as inform you of the advantages and disadvantages of other possible treatment options. You will receive a documented, comprehensive treatment plan which includes a description of the required work and the estimated cost. Dr. Hagens will communicate and collaborate with members of the team during diagnosis, treatment planning, treatment and post-treatment to ensure the best possible esthetic and functional results.